Pre-cooked Food

Pre-cooked Food

Maximum quality with fresh products

In order to close the circle around the meat food PROFESIONALES DE LA CARNE offers our own brand of 4th and 5th range pre-cooked products HORNO MONTAÑES.

Our idea of cooking is to provide you with natural, healthy products made with the inspiration of traditional cuisine. With the minimum support in additives and always natural, we are developing a range of pre-cooked and cooked products suitable for the new lifestyle in which you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but you don’t want to give up eating well and with confidence.



Fresh 45 gr in formats of 8 and 30 units: Ham, hake and shrimp, cod, truffled chicken, boletus

Frozen 70 g of ham and boletus


Frozen Pork Escalope

Frozen breaded breasts

Bovine Cachopo

Precooked crispy breast medallions


Beef Burritos


Meat cannelloni


Pieces of bread Mountain

Meatballs with Almond Sauce

Lamb Ragout with Chilindrón

Chorizo with Cider

Tripe with Chickpeas


Lamb shoulder at low temperature

BBQ Ribs

Prefried Marinated Chicken Wings

Precooked breast fillets (for sandwiches)

Braised filleted pork loin (for sandwiches)

Vacuum bakery potatoes

Salads and cold foods

Russian salad

Pasta and Ham salad

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