Meat producers in Aragon

Meat producers in Aragon

Profesionales de la Carne is a leading company in the meat sector in Aragon and part of Navarre, Rioja and Soria.

We select the best quality of our meat from the live production of our animals. we have the support of our integrated partners, both in the production cooperative of Sobrarbe Aragonés, as well as with the AN Group.

Our products


We control the production from the origin, we have a feed factory and veterinary service, that is to say, we guarantee a total and transparent traceability system of the whole production chain.


The lambs commercialised by Profesionales de la carne come from their breeders located in the provinces of Huesca, Zaragoza and Teruel.


We currently have one genetic line: the duroc pig, from which we classify the highest quality breed under the Procar Selección brand. For Profesionales de la carne, the welfare of our livestock is fundamental in order to obtain the best quality meat.

Poultry meats

For Profesionales de la carne, the welfare of our livestock is fundamental in order to obtain the best quality meat.

Processed products

From our own meat, with the best equipment technology and the know-how of our master butchers, we produce a wide range of sausages, hamburgers and other meat products for our customers.

Pre-cooked Food

With this line of products Profesionales de la Carne closes the circle around meat food. We complete the service for our customers with 4th and 5th range pre-cooked products.


We control the complete cycle of our meats

We breed and care for our animals in facilities that guarantee animal care and welfare.

We process the product in the cleanest and most environmentally friendly way.

We prepare and elaborate healthy dishes for the enjoyment of our customers.

Profecarne. We select the best meats

Many customers place their trust in the quality of our meats and products. Our meats are subject to the most rigorous quality controls to ensure that each piece is unique and has an incredible flavour.

Our meats are obtained in an environmentally friendly way and we control the entire cycle to ensure that every product that comes out of our meat professionals is of the highest quality.

Export. We adapt to your needs

At PROFESIONALES DE LA CARNE we have a team with extensive experience in the international market, which currently covers the 5 continents.

Our meat is of the highest quality, carefully selected and prepared to meet the strictest international standards. We have a network of local suppliers and producers. Thanks to this proximity we can guarantee the freshness, safety and exceptional flavor of our products.


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